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Hippotech is a multi-service website that allows users to communicate freely without language barriers. By using our proprietary software, users will be able to take any video and layer sounds on top of them within the web browser. We strive to bring people and businesses together by offering a new kind of communication tool, and act as a hub that connects the world.

  • Hippotech Technology

    Hippotech has developed and holds two patent-pending technologies which allow users to simultaneously layer multiple sounds and videos:

    • SyncWave Technology
    • PitchWave Technology
  • Hippotech Projects

    • Dubulator:
      Video translation/dubbing service
    • Hippotrax:
      Music Collaboration Service
    • MYOKE:
      Cloud Karaoke Service
  • Worldwide Hub

    By using the Hippotech services, users will be able to produce entirely new visual contents by collaborating with others. Hippotech aims to break down the language barrier and serve as a hub that bridges the gap between individuals and businesses.

  • Reward

    Users who provide content to a Hippotech service will be able to receive compensation reflecting the popularity of the content. Furthermore, top content providers may receive requests to provide content from individuals and businesses through the Hippotech services. Users will have the potential to earn a significant income.

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